Room 92

Lynn Taylor is a skincare alchemist, a beauty magician, a profound healer with the power to pause time. She has worked in salons across London and Kent but she always knew that her work required a dedicated space – not a salon but a true retreat, a place to relax and let go of the outside world.

So, in 2008, she opened Room 92 in Whitstable, Kent. It’s a welcoming, warm, embracing space. Not a fancy salon but a serene and simple sanctuary. Lynn has developed three signature facials The ONE The GLOW and The DREAM. Once you step into Lynn’s space, time really does feel suspended. You drift in a heavenly cocoon of caring, healing, rejuvenating energy.

Lynn doesn’t advertise – her clients are her calling card, a vibrant testimony to her work. They are regularly asked for the secret behind their relaxed, radiant, naturally glowing complexions. Since opening Room 92, she has built up a cult following of passionately loyal clients who won’t allow anyone else to touch their skin. They range from celebrities who travel across the country (and sometimes across the globe) to see her, through famous broadcasters, beauty journalists and renowned make-up artists, to discerning local women who simply want the very best for their skin.

A treatment with Lynn is far more than a facial. It’s a chance to heal and rejuvenate at the deepest level. Lynn goes beyond the superficial, even beyond the cellular, and heads straight for the energetic foundation of your being, affecting change and instigating healing at a quantum level. She combines the latest techniques of skincare with healing energy, achieving radiant youthful skin without the need for harsh, invasive procedures. Magic indeed.

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92 Borstal Hill

Room92 is based in the seaside town of Whitstable and have our own off-road parking.

Room92 is a twenty five minute walk from Whitstable train station and are on bus routes from surrounding cities such as Canterbury & Margate.