Celgenics – The Beauty of the Future

Lynn passionately believes that a facial should achieve stunning results by totally natural means. She insists there is no need for harsh invasive treatments and brutal stressful techniques. She works with the body, with the skin, rather than pitting herself against it. She is, above all, a gentle healer. Her quest to find the perfect products to work in combination with her healing energy is finally over.

Celgenics is an organic, vegan skincare range that is truly revolutionary. While it’s common to find skincare heroes such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, CoQ10 and elastin in products, Celgenics uses their vibrational information, rather than their crude physical forms. They harness the power of qi (otherwise known as chi, prana, vital energy) to affect change in the actual blueprint of the skin.

Celgenics were developed by Marian Bourne, a nutritional therapist, kinesiologist and craniosacral therapist who wanted to create a range of totally pure, vibrantly potent and utterly natural products. Celgenics work with the electromagnetic field of the body – this is deep energy medicine, the healing of the future.

Each product is also supercharged with the healing energy from homeopathic remedies, flower and gem essences and biochemical frequencies.

Add in Lynn’s magic touch and it’s the perfect synergy. Lynn uses a variety of techniques, gauging exactly what your skin needs from her magic box of tricks. Massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and acupressure – the keys to a ‘natural face lift’ – are often combined with Reiki and Lynn’s natural healing powers. It’s a potent mix. A true facial alchemy.

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